What is to be known about minimal invasive spine surgery?


There are several surgeons performing spinal surgeries along with other forms of surgeries in the country with regards to the back. It is only the best who are considered to provide minimal invasive spinal surgery. This is because of the procedure’s delicate nature and the equipment used. Prior to seeking such surgical procedure, it will be useful for the person to do adequate research about it and know about the same. According to the specialists, it is termed to be a much quicker and safer procedure.

How is the procedure performed?

For performing this type of surgery, the physician is said to make use of a small tube equipped with tiny camera. This is to view inside of the patient’s back. The tube is called endoscope and is being used since 1910. It was used successfully in gall bladder surgery in 1980. But making use of endoscopy especially for spinal surgical process is termed to be something new.

A small incision is made, through which the endoscope is entered into the body. Using this, the surgeon is in a position to view the spinal cavity of the patient through the TV Screen to which the instrument has been attached to. It allows him to know what is going on inside the body. Moreover, the endoscopic instrument could be moved along with other tiny surgical instruments within spine, while the TV monitor is viewed by the physician.


Besides reduced tumor on spine surgery recovery cost in India, the patients undergoing this form of surgical process can benefit from it in several ways. For instance, the incision which is created in the body is much smaller when compared to the traditional incision that is required. This is because, the former method just requires to have the endoscopic instrument to be accommodated and is very small. Moreover, smaller incisions would mean lesser trauma to be faced by the patient’s surrounding tissues. This also results in much faster recovery and less pain.

The conventional form of spinal surgery would need the patients to be at the hospital for a long time. Again, complete healing and recovery might not be possible for about a year, post surgery. With minimal invasive surgery, the recovery time is said to be dramatically decreased by weeks and months. This way, the patient has to spend lesser time in the hospital.

Things to consider

For the person to be considered to be an eligible candidate to undergo minimal invasive spine surgery, few criteria are to be met. Some procedures might require performing of traditional methods like bone grafts or installation of metal rods in the back. The ideal candidate according to the experts can be stated to be one who tends to suffer from scoliosis, degenerative disc disorder, compression fracture and spinal tumors. The surgeon along with patient will decide if minimal invasive or traditional procedure is to be carried out. Spine Tumor Removal Surgery in India is becoming popularly availed by patients to eliminate their health issues.