What Everyone Should Know about Private Drug Rehab


Private drug rehab is a rehab that you have to pay to get entrance. It offers better facilities and is more comfortable to stay for people who decide to join the residential program. They offer many types of therapies and treatment methods. The aim of joining the therapies program is to calm down the addict. Addict easily get nervous and become anxious due to the stress that they face.

therapy program

Therapy program can be fun. For example, adventure therapy allows the addict to take part in some adventurous activities outdoor such as biking, kayaking and hiking. Art therapy allows you to draw and paint whatever that is on your mind. It helps you to express yourself and not just keep your problem to yourself. The therapy programs aims to treat all aspects of the effects of drug addiction on the patients including physical, mental and spiritual.

Most rehabs offer behavioral counseling. Behavioral counseling is counseling that tackle with the thoughts that influence the moods and behavior of the addict. Through behavioral counseling, the therapist can find out the problems that the addict is facing and teach them how to solve them. Attending the behavioral counseling can mold the thinking of the addict in long term. When a person’s view of point changes to positive, they will start to show good behaviors.

Many addicts are thin and have flabby muscles. They lack nutrition because of frequently skipping meals. Going into the private rehab gives you the opportunity to straighten out this part of your life that has been neglected. In the private rehab, you can go work out at the gym. They have big gym with modern exercise machines and fitness trainers are available for newbie’s. You can understand more about the luxury rehab program at CaliforniaPrivateRehab.com.

You don’t have to sign up for additional membership to workout in their gym. The fee is already included in your program expenses and you can enter their gym to workout for as many times as you want. The gym is open for 24/7 so you can go their toworkout and destress yourself whenever you want.

Before the therapy begins, you will go through a detox phase. Detox, is short for detoxification, which means that toxins will be eliminated from the drug addicts body. Every time you take drug, poison enters into your body. These poisons are responsible for causing the craving to the drug and it also causes other diseases. Removing the poison can significantly reduce the drug craving. When the poison is removed, the addict’s body can function better and he will be more ready to begin the therapy program.

The purpose of the detox phase is to stabilize the drug addict. At this stage, the addict will experience withdrawal symptoms. The detox plan for each patient is different and it is created based on various factors such as drug history. In some detox phases, drugs like benzodiazepines can be used to stabilize the addict when he demonstrates withdrawal symptoms.

The addict will continue to experience withdrawal symptoms after the detox stage. However, the withdrawal symptoms will gradually become lesser and lesser as the addict makes progress. The withdrawal symptoms can be small or big depending on the progress that the patient is making. Examples of withdrawal symptoms are headache, slurred speech, easily forget things, shivering and depression. Doctors at the rehab can continue to prescribe medicine to calm down the patient if necessary in the post withdrawal phase.