What are the effects of trauma?


Trauma is nothing but can be stated as the emotional response which happens as the result of any negative event. There are several situations which can lead to the condition of trauma. But it is to be noted that trauma is a condition which is related to the emotional of a person. Hence it must be treated at right time. In case, if the victim is not subjected to proper treatment, they will get exposed to severe mental disorders which may be quite difficult to recover. Some of the effects of trauma which can be found in almost all the cases are mentioned in this article.


Basically people who are suffering from the problems of trauma will burst out of anger for no reasons. They will always remain stressed by thinking about the event or their consequences. The anxiety can also be considered as the establishment of their fear. They will have the racing heart beat, dizziness, sweating and other related problems. In case if they are not treated properly, the level of their anxiety will get increased to a greater extent. And this will also pay way for other related mental disorders.

Drug addition

In order to get rid of their fear and worry, many people tend to move towards alcohol and other drugs. This can be considered as one of the most severe effects of trauma. In many cases, people will also get transformed into a drug addict. Hence people who are nearby the victim must take good care of them and must prevent them from getting addicted to the drugs.

Poor relationship

The victims will not prefer to have good relationship with the people around them. They always prefer to be lonely. And this condition will lead to depression and other related problems.

Any people who tend to experience the above mentioned effects must be treated with the help of trauma informed treatment center. The experts in these centers will point out the actual problem and will help in recovering the victim without getting exposed to any kind of severe side effects.