Using Exogenous Testosterone


Steroids are now the big in the fitness world and most of the bodybuilders have been using steroids for years. It has transcended countries and borders, people all over the world now are making use of steroids. Though it is not legal in many countries, the online procurement has helped many to get their hands on the latest steroids in the market. There are many indigenous and foreign pharmaceutical companies who have come into foray and have launched newer versions of the existing steroids and including many other ingredients such as herbal supplements to boost your fitness programme.

Many steroids available in the market are the synthetic versions of the hormones present in the body. Their job is to increase the secretion of the natural hormones and expedite other processes in the body.

One of them being testosterone, it is a male hormone which has a very small presence in the female ovary. It is basically responsible for the growth of muscles and bones, facial and body hair, production of sperms etc. The peak of this secretion during the adolescent age and the advancement of age leads to decrease in the secretion levels.

Since there is remedy at hand in the form of testosterone but it cannot be taken indiscriminately. The doctor will have to check the testosterone levels in your body and if there is a significant drop in the count vis a vis your age then only you are recommended for the therapy.

Side effects of testosterone 

Testosterone can have devastating effects if used for long, the natural production of testosterone will stop and you will have to keep using higher doses of testosterone for the desired effects.

There will loss of libido and shrinking of the testicles as they would have no function to perform. Male patterned baldness, more growth of hair on the body and face, gruffness of the voice, loss of breasts in women, violent and angry outbursts, irritability, insomnia etc. are the side effects that can be seen with prolonged usage and overdose.

Types of exogenous testosterone 

Testosterone implants which come in the form of pellets that are implanted in pairs with the necessary dosage depending on the requirement. These are inserted in the subcutaneous tissues through a small incision.

Oral testosterone is not so popular and is hardly taken and injectables are quite useful and popular, they are also injected into the subcutaneous tissue in the buttock of thigh region of the body. This quite a painful process. People who are not used to or intolerant can develop swelling, redness or rashes on the injected area.

Transdermal or topical agents which can be applied on the skin are also used, these are not so quick in effect and are not very popular.

steroid cycles that contain testosterone products come in the form of cypionate, acetate, propionate, enanthate, phenylpropionate, decanoate, undecanoate. 

Medically testosterone is used for male children who haven’t attained puberty, or persons who have low testosterone levels during advanced age, palliative care in breast cancer in women.

Side effects of testosterone therapy can be, constant pain in the head, enlargement of breasts in men, cause of many heart ailments, damage to the liver and enlargement of prostrate.