US based healthcare facilities clinical service

US based healthcare facilities clinical service


A hospital is a place where sick people go, from infectious to non infectious, critical to non-critical. If you’re not well this is the place to go to. The people that runs around the hospital and make it a well oiled machine are the members of the healthcare team that are composed of doctors, nurses, allied health professionals (dietitians, occupational therapists, pharmacists, physiotherapists, podiatrists, speech pathologists and etc.), Other hospital staff clinical assistants, patient services assistants, porters, volunteers, ward clerks).

Incase you didn’t realize, the hospital is full of sick people that needs medical attention and the people taking good care of them are the health care team that are expected to be at their optimum health everytime. Over the course of time various technologies and medical discoveries were applied in the day to day hospital operations that redefined how a certain procedure or process works. Some aims to give more accurate results and diagnosis, while some technologies and process makes everything faster.

US based healthcare facilities

Here’s the problem: The problem is that even with these high tech and revolutionary discoveries, they are all geared towards the patients. That’s not all that bad, but here’s the question, what about the healthcare team? Every year there are thousands of accidents in hospitals where in a member of a healthcare team gets pricked by a needle. While that might not seem dangerous, but think about it like this. What if that needle that punctured a healthcare team actually has a disease like HIV?  While that is a low number or nothing at all, the fact that there are accidental puncture occurences, the healthcare team is still prone to it.

Waste disposal: Puncture is just half of the problem, what about sharps and other waste disposal? Does that have a standard where in a contaminated object that goes in will not come out? Smell does count as a contaminant coming out, because the fact that you smelled something bad means that it already has bacterias in it that needs to taken cared of with utmost care.  With all the revolutionary technologies that are made today, there hasn’t been a real solution for it. Or is it?

Daniels health: Daniels Health is a company that offers sharpsmart and waste containment system. They aim to reduce accidental punctures and offers a sound process for waste disposal. They aim to target US based healthcare facilities and soon all over the world. They already have studies on their products and as it turned it, it either minimized the puncture occurence significantly and even eliminating it some cases.

Clinical service is a tough job, and even with all the trainings, the members of the health care team are still prone to contamination. This is because there hasn’t been any process and innovation that standardized this part of hospital safety, no one but Daniels Health. If you truly care for the wellbeing of the whole health care team, contact Daniels Health for a demo and discover how many hospitals are now embracing their technology and innovation.