Understand Your Epilepsy before Pregnancy


When you have Epilepsy, you must know how to handle few things to become pregnant and deliver a healthy baby.

Certainly, having epilepsy gives rise to risk during pregnancy. Don’t panic and learn how to handle them efficiently. Become a proud mother despite all odds.

Difficulty in Conceiving When Affected By Epilepsy

Fewmedicines used to treat the epilepsy attack will result in infertility. Few drugs also decrease the efficiency of hormonal birth control ways.

Epilepsy and Pregnancy

Attack during pregnancy leads to

  • A drop in the heart rate of the fetus.
  • The lack of flow of oxygen to the baby.
  • A fetal injuryand early separation of the placenta.Sometimes miscarriage can happen.
  • Early birth of the infant.

Epilepsy Alters during Pregnancy

The medical condition of epilepsy remains the same. It affects different women in different ways. Few may have similar attacks during pregnancy as before. But few may have less attack. If any women neglect epilepsy medicine during pregnancy, then she may have frequent seizures.

Effects of Epilepsy Medication during Pregnancy

Yes, medicines do affect the baby. Potential side effects such as urinary tract defects, congenital heart defects, skeletal abnormalities, neural tube defects, and cleft palate. More drugs mean severe side effects.

If you find no attack for about nine months, then you can plan a pregnancy. If seizure conditions stop for more than three years, then you can reduce medication and conceive safely.

But consult a doctor before changing your medicine dosage.

Association between Mother’s Epilepsy Condition and Baby

Possibilities of a baby born to a mother affected by epilepsy cannot be ruled out. But it has an impact on a child only after it grows.

Plan Your Pregnancy

If you have epilepsy, then plan before you conceive.Meet a doctor and discuss in detail about your health condition.

Digestive system gets affected due to the epilepsy medication. Never neglect to consult a physician and get digestion medicine during pregnancy.

Also, meet neurologist and your family physician to evaluate the severity of your epilepsy. If you have frequent attacks, then wait until situation subsides.

Continue medication and reduce the frequency of seizures. Eat healthy food, take prenatal vitamin supplements, sleep well, and avoid drinking alcohol, caffeine, etc.

Folic Acid Requirement during Pregnancy

Know that you need more folic acid than a pregnant woman with normal health.  Folic acid supports to put a stop to spinal cord and brain damage. Also, prevents neural tube defects.  Start taking folic acid supplement few months before planning to conceive.

How to Handle Seizures during Pregnancy?

Monitor your blood pressure and weight periodically during pregnancy. Test your blood frequently to know the effects of medication on the baby.

When you take medicines for epilepsy attack, you must ask your doctor for Vitamin K supplement at the ninth month of your pregnancy. Vitamin K will prevent the bleeding problem in the newborn baby.

Keep a check on your attacks and report to the doctor regularly. If you think you need attention, then get admitted to hospital for observation.

Take frequent ultrasoundand check the progress of your baby.

Labor Pain and Epilepsy

Usually, attacks do not occur during labor pain and delivery. If seizures happen, then doctors prevent them by giving medicines through the veins.

Still, if an attack does not get controlled, then doctors opt for a Caesarean delivery.

Keep doctor informed about your repeated seizures at the time of thethird trimester. Doctors will suggest you the best way to deliver your baby safely with sound health.

Breast Feeding

Yes, you can feed your baby. Have a discussion with the doctor to feed your child in the right way. You will get advice to take medicine after feeding, and few may even change the medication.

Follow the guidelines and consistently stay connected with your medical practitioner to gift this world with a new life.