Trenbolone: A versatile steroid!


You all want to have a perfect beach body with ripped muscles and strong abs, with no flab hanging around! But this dream is not very easy to achieve. A perfect body requires tremendous hard work, dedication and strong will. To conquer this world, you will need more than what is inside you. This includes some dietary supplements and steroids, which has now become the imperative part of bodybuilding business. However, this drug is not meant for human use. It was developed to be used for veterinary purposes, for augmenting feeding efficiency of the livestock.

Out of many steroids available in the market, Trenbolone is one of the strongest anabolic-androgenic steroid known. It is highly acclaimed by the bodybuilding aficionados and energetic competitors. This high rated steroid is used for cutting, bulking, endurance and conditioning. Its basic functioning involves enhanced retention of nitrogen (which will be further employed to synthesize amino acids to make proteins) and increased Red Blood Cell production. But, there are few side effects like; Trenbolone causes unusual hair growth in women and much more.


It is the most versatile steroids of all time. The drug does not only increase the muscle mass but also provides amazing strength and stamina, enhanced power, improved physical training,  causes rapid healing of the body.  Trenbolone accelerates fat metabolism, causes no water retention, and gives deep vascularity.  The steroid gives you firm and defined look. It delivers exceptional results in a very short time. People expect it to deliver the same result as it provides in vets.

Problems faced by the users

Translating the benefits of Trenbolone in animals into humans is challenging because if you consider its immense potential, you cannot ignore the heavy side-effects associated with it. It is not recommended by any doctor at all. Still, people choose to use it because of its overgenerous actions. They might have to face huge aftermaths of this drug.There are two common forms of this steroid, being used in the market, with slightly different molecular formulas (Trenbolone acetate and Trenboloneethantate). The acetate form is mainly involved in growth promotion with minimal or nil estrogenic effects. But being the strongest androgenic and anabolic drug, there are probable side-effects of Trenbolone. One of the most severe ones is Gynecomastia (i.e. swollen male breasts).  The drug is non-aromatizing but it can still bind to progesterone (which is similar to estrogen). As a feedback mechanism Testosterone production goes down, and at the same time, fat storage enhances, leading to the condition of gynecomastia. Trenbolone also has this negative aspect of imparting catabolism in bones and muscles.

There are some cases of dangerous and long-lasting organ failure like hepatotoxicity, kidney failure, cardiomyopathy, and other detrimental heart conditions such as arrhythmias, cardiac arrest, etc. Trenbolone causes unusual hair growth in women, causes pattern baldness in males, among many other side-effects. Therefore, before you begin to use such a drug make sure to understand both pros and cons of it. Take suggestions from people who are already using such drugs, read reviews carefully.