developing their confidence

The Secrets to Successful People Management


People management takes skill. For some, it comes naturally, while others have to work for it. If you find yourself one of the latter, you may have some anxiety about the best ways to manage employees so you can get the best from your business.

Luckily, managing people is a skill that can be learned. All it takes is for you to be clear about your goals, both for your business and your employees.

Learning to delegate

You can’t do everything yourself – and your employees want responsibility too. The most successful leaders learn how to delegate both responsibility and authority, thus giving employees the power to get things done.

If you feel you have to control everything, you’re not doing your business or your employees any favours. No one likes to be micromanaged, and it is bad news for employee performance and self-esteem. Appropriate delegation helps employees feel valued, developing their confidence and leadership skills while allowing you to get more work done overall.

developing their confidence

Keeping your team motivated

Vasco de Castro, co-founder and business development director at, believes that the right training and a productive work environment are crucial, while ensuring that there are plenty of development opportunities so your team feels valued, motivated and happy while they improve their skills.

In business for over 11 years, de Castro claims that empowering your team is key by giving them the tools to be heard and really “make a difference”. Motivating your team in this way allows your business to flourish while ensuring that those around you feel a sense of ownership while sharing your vision.

As well as this, employees want to know when they have done a good job. Recognising accomplishments also helps to motivate employees while instilling a sense of company loyalty. 

Fix problems with lasting solutions

When problems arise, it can be tempting to offer a quick fix so things can carry on as normal. However, a quick fix never lasts, and recurring problems lead to employee unrest and dissatisfaction.

One of the key factors in successful people management is to deal with problems in a lasting way by focusing on the root cause of the particular problem instead of focusing on the symptoms. This will highlight your effective leadership skills while ensuring stability within the company – and this is something that your employees will value.

Overall, a big part of managing people successfully is to ensure that they like their jobs. Organisations where employees feel valued, motivated and appreciated are organisations where employees are loyal, hardworking and easily managed.