The Best Free Financial Software of 2018


Keeping on top of your finances can be daunting, especially if you’re not mathematically minded. Tracking the movements and values and everything through a spreadsheet can be hard and complex work and can be prone to errors if you’re unfamiliar with the tasks. Fortunately, there are some good free personal finance software packages out there which can take the strain of the paperwork.

Financial Management at Your Fingertips

Finance management packages range from those that rely on manual entry to those which can talk directly to online banking services and feed up-to-date figures into their database.

At one end of the scale, for example, there is Money Manager Ex. Ideal for beginners, it takes you through setting up a financial database step by step. It is perfect for tracking income and outgoings – all the user needs to do is make sure they keep entering updates by hand. The more flexible GnuCash can handle the finances of a small business as well as personal accounting and can import data from other financial software, too.

At the other end of range is Mint, an online finance tool that can be used on any device, including mobiles, and which can pull data from your bank accounts and organise it in a single view. There are some good free personal finance software packages out there which can take the strain of the paperwork.The PCmag’s editor’s choice in 2017, Mint shows you everything from your overall net worth down to every transaction going through your bank, credit card and even your PayPal account (provided you are based in the US and Canada).

Tailored Software

Not every individual or business is the same, and that goes for the finance industry, too. Software providers such as Intelliflo offer bespoke software for financial advisors, from tools that complement existing systems to a full suite of tools.

Whether it’s a single financial adviser running their own business or a small to medium-sized firm of advisers and back office staff, software for financial advisors of every size and specialist field can be catered for.

While tailored financial software is unlikely to come free, there is an excellent choice of free software available on the net, so you stand a very good chance of finding something that is ideally suited – whether you’re looking for something simple to manage your household finances or whether you want a multilayered view of your complete financial position.