Stop the bed bug plague!


Are you plagued with bed bugs? Do you wish to free your house and belongings from these pesky creatures who suck your blood at night? Answer all your questions and visit us at

  • There are several methods you can use to kill these pests. You may even need to use a combination of treatment plans. Visit us at┬áto find out how you can free yourself from these pests. Some of the methods also recommend products, which you can purchase if you wish to.
  • The best option is to use a dry steamer method. You can get rid of bed bugs only in a high temperature environment. A dry steamer is effective because it releases heat without moisture. You can dry steam beds; mattresses; furniture, luggage, etc. without damaging them.
  • Dry steam should ideally be followed by spreading of diatomaceous earth. The dry earth acts like a trap for the bed bugs. When they walk over it or through it, they die as they get dehydrated. It also serves as a natural pesticide for other insects. However, it works best when used along with another method. Rubbing alcohol acts as a natural spray. It can only be used when the bugs are visible to you. There are other herbal sprays available in the market which act as pesticides, but may not be very effective.

  • You can hire a professional extermination team to get rid of these bugs. Professional exterminators use different types of sprays with chemical content. They also expect you to prepare the house. That is, they may ask you to temporarily vacate it or cover unaffected furniture. This will be a costly option as you will have to opt for a treatment plan which may stretch over months.
  • You can use home equipment to get rid of bed bugs. One option is to use a vacuum cleaner which can reach out to hard to reach corners of couch and beds. You can also use a laundry with dryer and cleaner, if your clothes or bed sheets are affected.
  • For mattresses, you will have to get a protective sheet with seamless stitches. This will trap the bugs in a heat cocoon and not allow them to escape, effectively starving them in order to kill. Make sure that if your sheet has a zip, you seal it with a tape to prevent the bugs from crawling out.

Our page on this topic discusses all these options and more in detail. You can even read through comments people have left and share your own experience.