Steps for effective parenting


Just like pregnancy tips starts prior to your planning to conceive, raising a child is one of the toughest challenges you are likely to encounter. You might be least prepared to face it at the same time and hereby are a few helpful parenting tips which are bound to make you more fulfilled as a parent.

Boost the self-esteem of your child

Kids start to develop their self-life when they see the world through the eyes of their parents. Your tone of expression, facial and personal gestures are absorbed by the child. When you praise their accomplishments, however, small it is it will make them feel proud and when you allow them to do things independently, will make them strong and capable. Avoid the use of words as weapons and choose your words with compassion and respect. Even if the kids make mistakes you will still love them, even if you do not agree with them on the behaviour aspect.


In every household discipline is the key. The onus of discipline is to allow kids to choose acceptable behaviour and learn the art of self-control. When you establish house rules it will help the kids to understand your expectations and learn self-control. Some rules could be no TV allowed till studies are over.

You need to have a system in place which needs to be followed by warnings and then consequences in place. The common mistake which parents make is to follow through the consequences. One cannot discipline kids for taking back one day and ignoring the other day. You need to be consistent in whatever approach you adopt.

Compliment your kids being good?

Have you ever wondered about how many times you react to the negative behaviour of kids in a given day? You are left with criticizing more than complimenting and what happens if you find yourself in the same situation in your professional world.

The most effective approach would be to get hold of the kids doing something right. Say for example” When you were playing I liked your patient approach” Such a sort of statement will encourage good behaviour rather than repeated scolding. Ensure you praise something of your child each day. Be generous with rewards as it can do wonders to the confidence of your child. Soon you will find that they are following the behaviour you would like to see.

A good role model!

Kids learn a lot about how to act by following their parents. One of the tips for new parents is the younger your child is, the more tips they take from you. Before you blow over the top when you get angry, pause and think a bit! This is the way you want your kids to behave. Understand the watchful of your kids are on you and research proves that kids you are aggressive, most often,have a role model to follow at home.

Model your qualities of things which you would like to see in your child. Develop an attitude of giving and not expecting anything in reward.

Make time together

It is often difficult in the hard-paced life of today for the parents to make time for their kids. As a parent when you schedule time with your kids it is rewarding and the bond develops better.