Stanozolol: How it works and its effects


Stanozolol also knew as Winstrol is an anabolic steroid. It is one of the best options if you are interested in maintaining your muscle build after a cycle.

To some Stanozolol reviews on bodybuilding websites, Stanozol is developed sometime in the 1950s by Winthrop Laboratories. Winthrop Laboratories is known for its anabolic and androgenic properties.

This anabolic is pretty similar to dihydrotestosterone but its activity is a little mild comparing it to androgen. For men and women that are focused on bodybuilding, this steroid is very popular.

This has been made use by men and women in sculpting their body to remain those lean muscles and to improve vascularity.

How Stanozolol works: Stanozolol is commonly used by bodybuilders to cut their cycle. The purpose of this cutting is to preserve their lean muscles and maintain the fat tissues. The objective of cutting cycle is to reduce the body’s fat and preserver the lean muscle. Stanozolol can both be taken orally or by injecting. Stanozolol is assisting the body to burn the fat stored in it and preserving the lean muscle mass.

Stanozolol Dosage: The dosage in using stanozolol is around 50mg to 100mg daily. For women, it can start with 10mg. Most bodybuilders use as much as 50mg for the first six weeks. (

Results: The results and outcome will vary depending on your disciplines such as diet and exercise. Stanozolol is not a diet pill. So don’t expect that this will help you reduce fat and help you build muscle if you don’t put the right amount of work and effort. Some athletes mentioned that they had cut down their body fat to 5% in one cycle, of course, this was achieved with proper work out and diet.

Additional Results:

  • It preserves muscle while you cut down your fat
  • You get ripped. Like beach and completion body type
  • Detailed rock hard muscles
  • Vascularity enhanced
  • Speed, Agility, and power to its max

Side effects: In most cases, the things you need to consider before taking in this steroid is its side effects. There are a lot of instances that can happen while using this steroid. Common side effects are a headache, sleeping disorder, acne, hair loss and changes in sexual desire just to name a few.

According to one user ” My body tells me that Winstrol is poison! Experienced some hair loss and anxiety ” (

Other side effects:

Stanozolol is alkylated. And we need to be aware that this alkylation can cause liver damage. This has been one of the main concerns for men and women who use stanozolol or another steroid. The best way to prevent this is to use the lowest amount as possible. (

Summary: Stanozolol or any other steroid is a very powerful drug that can damage our body. We need to be aware of its side effects and what are the things that we need to do to prevent this damages to the body. In addition, we also need to consider before using if your body is ready for it. Health is always wealth.