Simple steps to book your ferry to bintan


Many popular destinations for tourists mostly revolve around the beach sides. The idea of vacation, whether it hits the child’s head or the adult’s starts with a seaside destination, the reasons for this vary from person to person. Singapore thus becomes a preferred destination for many who are talking a vacation. It offers beautiful natural parks, Shopping arcades, lovely monasteries, biological parks etc. The main attraction in Singapore has risen to the presence of the Universal Studio. It is a beautiful full of activity and fun full day adventure. When you now want to take things away from to a serene place then one must the Island of Bintan. Bintan situated in Indonesia is just 1.5 hours away from Singapore Port. One can travel by ferry from singapore to bintan, the ride is comfortable and many miss out on this exotic location due to lack of information. Getting to Bintan is easy.

How to book a ride to Bintan?

The tourists who are planning to travel to Bintan should take a ferry ride. There are many reasons why a ferry ride is more suitable for this travel.

  • The ferry will save a lot of time. There are many flights that may take you from the Singapore port to the Bintan Port but the journey becomes very long. The direct ferry ride from Singapore port to Bintan takes only 1.5 hours.
  • Easy on your pocket. Yes, it definitely saves you a lot of bucks. The ferry ride is not a very expensive travelling option. Compared to the other travelling modes ferry is definitely the cheapest.
  • It is a comfortable option. Travel by ferry from singapore to bintan and a comfortable journey is assured; these are not small boats but huge boats with deck and other facilities.
  • Ferry at different intervals. Another important factor that should change the mind of the travelers is that there is a ferry ride available at different interval. There are ferry rides which can be taken from morning till evening, hence whatever is your travel time you can be rest assured that a ride is waiting for you.