Shopping For Smart TV –  Get To Know Few Terms Before Buying


These days TVs are becoming extremely high tech as number of smart features are getting introduced. For example, today you can operate your TV by using smart phone Apps. Therefore, if you are not familiar with certain terms then you will not able to understand what you are buying.

TVs are not so cheap therefore you cannot afford to buy wrong kind and regret later. Nowadays all big brands like LG, Samsung have started marketing smart TVs in Indian market, which is drawing a lot of attention from the consumers.

Therefore, get familiarised with following few terms before you visit a showroom to buy your new smart TV set.

  • Smart TV

When you say smart TV, it does not mean that it has a smart look and good features. Smart TV means that it has a new inbuilt technology. You need to connect it to the internet. The watching experience you gain from smart TV can be much different from what you did in the past watching common TV programs. You no more need any antenna or cable to run the TV. Use your smart phone to control it and view all the activities you perform on your smart phone on bigger screen.

  • Over the top

Also called OTT, this term is meant for various streaming services provided by the internet. You can see live program, which is done by streaming across the internet.

  • Refresh rate

You can refresh at much higher rate than any common TV and faster. The refreshed images are  much smoother and almost like real.

  • OLED

You have seen LCD or LED screen but now this technology is included in the past category. The latest screen panel is OLED or Organic Light Emitting Diodes, which is much brighter than LED.

  • HDR

HDR stands for high dynamic range where blacker, whiter and other colours are used to make images look almost real.

  • 4K

This signifies advanced high definition and its pixel resolution is twice that of HDTV.

  • Contrast ratio

It is important for you to understand this term as you are paying very good sum of money for this important feature. Higher the contrast ratio the image will look much better. The contrast difference between the darkest dark colours with brightest bright colour signifies this ratio.

  • HDMI

After paying so much money for your TV set if you do not have the facility of HDMI, which is high definition multimedia interface then you will surely regret after some time. There is HDMI port available at the back of the TV, you need to connect a bunch of cables from cable box and stream YouTube and other multimedia videos.

  • Bezel

It is a thin metal or plastic around your TV set and almost like a picture frame. Since your TV set will be thin and therefore you will not prefer any clunky or big frame around it. You can prefer to have shiny metal or black bezel for your TV.