Revealing Different Ways to Maximize Modafinil


You want to improve your cognitive skills but you think that it is too late. It is never too late and the good news is that there is a nootropic or smart drug that can help you in terms of concentration, focus, and attention. It is called modafinil. Apart from being a nootropic, it is also called eugeroic. Eugeroic is a wakefulness-inducing drug. It helps people with narcolepsy, shift work disorder, and excessive daytime sleepiness disorder.

Modafinil has this compound that promotes wakefulness. The compound is called armodafinil. If you are thinking where to buy armodafinil, it is available in modafinil pharmacy. Countries have different guidelines when it comes to this drug. In the United States, for example, it is only available through prescription but other countries like India allow patients to buy over-the-counter or online. It is important that you know the guidelines or restrictions in your country.

In taking modafinil, doctors will always remind you to follow the instructions and take it at the same time every day so it will be effective. Other than that, here are some ways of maximizing the effectiveness of modafinil:

Rise up early every morning

You have to know about the half-life of modafinil. Half-life means how long it will take to wear off. Typically, 200 mg of the drug can affect the system for 12 to 15 hours. This will allow people with narcolepsy to go about their daily lives. If you take it late, you will also sleep late. The best thing to do is to rise up early every morning and take it. If you take it 6 am, it will wear off sometime between 6 pm to 8 pm. The good thing about early morning is the working conditions so do not miss it. By the time it wears off, you already ate dinner and you are ready to sleep.

Create a to-do list
Every waking moment is important that is why you need to account everything you did and if you covered everything that needs to be done. Creating a to-do list will give you a progress report or tracking of the things that you should do every day. You only have 12-15 hours of wakefulness so be sure to utilize it well. Before you sleep every night or when you have free time, create a list of the endeavors tomorrow. When making, do not underestimate what you can do. As much as possible overbook yourself. You might be surprised of your progress at the end of the day.

Always remember to drink water and eat
Sometimes you get too overwhelmed that you forget to eat or even drink water. You already know the importance of supplements we get from water and food. Do not ignore it.

Do not use it regularly
Modafinil isn’t something that you can take everything. If you take it frequently, you will suffer dependence and it is never a good one. Instead of being productive,you will feel more “destructive”. Always follow the instructions of the doctor. For severe cases of narcolepsy, the doctors might recommend it often. It is crucial that you mention to your doctor if you have drug addiction history before taking it.