Reliable Ambulance Rental Services in New York City


If you or somebody you truly care needs any medical transportation, finding the dependable and experienced provider who can offer the safe and expert service is very important. You have to take help of the private transportation service who is an established rental service where the passenger well-being and comfort are top priorities. They need to undertake emergency ambulance transportation to & from the hospital and other medical facility. Ambulance rental NYC take only state of art vehicles and trained and compassionate staff that will ensure your experience is the good one.

Services Offered

Ambulance service is dedicated in providing professional, reliable, as well as caring para-transportation services for the people with any special needs. They give service to the doctors’ offices, train stations, airports, holiday visits, hospitals, stadiums, family occasions, hotels, restaurants, theaters, excursions and much more. They also provide the local and the long distance ambulance rental service 24hours a day and 7 days in a week.

Wide Range of Vehicles

They have fleet of new and top of line ambulance vans that will accommodate to any kind of travel requirements: recliners, wheelchairs, motorized, or non-emergency stretchers. They give oxygen tanks on-board and all vehicles are top with tinted windows, hydraulic lifts, dual climate control, recessed lighting, and 6 point harness belts.

Vast Experience

Ambulance rental drivers are quite courteous and professionals and are well trained, they have many years of experience. Also, all the drivers are licensed and tested yearly. The special sensitivity training also is needed before their employment.


Ambulance rental service in NYC is the caring medical rental service for the seniors and the disabled citizens. With services in New York City, there’s not any thing as the “home-bound.” So, we specialize in our service and can get you down the stairs with respect and dignity even though you can’t walk. No matter where you want to go, our service will take you easily, comfortably and efficiently. You have this promise.


The ambulance rental services are needed to have the personnel trained in the emergency medical services. Also, there must be one emergency technician and medical equipment in the vehicle.