Raspberry Ketone: Effects And Side Effects


Raspberry ketone is a chemical, a phenolic compound derived from red raspberries, peaches, grapes, apples and other berries. It is derived from vegetables such as rhubarb, pine trees and the bark of yew as well. It is basically the chemical compound that gives the fruits and vegetables their signature scent. It has gained popularity after DR.Oz announced it as a miraculous fat burner in a TV show in the year 2012.it is applied on the skin for hair loss. Moreover is used in cosmetics, foods and other places as a perfuming agent. The product report reveals  that raspberry ketone increases metabolism and also affects a hormone called adiponectin which increases the rate at which body burns fat and causes loss of appetite.

 RASPBERRY KEYTONE-the weight loss supplement

It has been widely praised as a weight loss supplement in the past few years. Raspberryketone helps to enhance the fat burning process and reduce fat tissue in the body. The compound produces a hormone which helps to break down fat cells faster, especially in the liver. Research shows that when paired with a balanced diet and regular exercise, raspberry ketone may help to reduce weight. One cannot deny on the wonders of raspberry ketone. It not only helps in weight loss but contributes to lower blood sugar levels as well as reduces the traits of aging.



Despite the fact that raspberry ketone in food and cosmetics is generally considered safe, but no one knows what might be the short term or long term effect of consuming raspberry ketone. Since raspberry keystone resembles other stimulants chemically, there exists a potential risk of side effects. The product  reports states side effects of raspberry ketone as increased blood pressure, jitteriness and rapid heartbeat among consumers.

Raspberry keton is safe, but it can have negative effects on some people. The compound enhances the production of norepineohrine which may be harmful to patients suffering from chronic conditions, such as pulmonary disease, asthma and high blood pressure. It is also not suggested to be consumed by pregnant ladies and ladies on breast feeding as there is no conclusive evidence of it being risk free for them.

It is very important to know all the ifs and buts of a product before you start consuming it. So before you go on to consume raspberry ketone consult your doctor and consume it as per proper dosage.