Raising a toast to the stylish urban male


Putting together your everyday look is simple enough if you acquaint yourself with what’s trendy this season. Presenting a few pointers to get you started.

Being a presentable man is a big plus in today’s world, where the first impression is often the last one. But it takes some work – we start you off with an easy guide.

* Check the latest styles on a shopping app.

You are not expected to be appraised of the latest trends in fashion all the time. But you should still have an idea of what’s stylish this season and what isn’t. The best way to get on board new trends is to open a good app for online shopping for men. Apps like Jabong feature the newest styles and designs, and browsing the online shopping app for men for a few minutes can give you an idea of what to wear this season. You can even pick up new clothing, bags and shoes while you’re browsing.

* Get buffed. It’s not enough to just buy new clothing and accessories from a site for online shopping for men. The modern urban male realises the importance of a well-fitting ensemble, and half of the fit is guaranteed when you have the body for it. Some items of clothing, like short sleeved shirts, or fitted tees or pants, look the best on toned, buffed bodies. So apart from refreshing your wardrobe, you also need to get into shape, pronto. Taking up daily exercise helps: go swimming for an hour, or run for 10 km, or pull weights at the gym. A toned body is a beautiful sight to behold, and the best part is, you get clothes to fit you quite easily when you are trim.

* Invest in skin and hair products. Apart from rocking the season’s trends and acquiring a fit physique, you must also present a fresh visage always. For this, your skin and hair need to be in good health. A balanced diet and daily exercise can flush out toxins and impurities from your body. Meanwhile, you can boost your skin and hair health with the choicest products from reputed brands. You can shop for serums, lotions and packs for your skin from leading apps for online shopping for men. These apps also feature hair potions, shampoos and conditioners to improve texture and health.

* Sleep like a baby. Getting eight hours of sleep every night seems like an improbable task to achieve, but a little discipline can set you right. You need to sleep for at least seven hours a night to stave off weight gain, stress, digestive and other health issues, etc. Have dinner at least two hours before bedtime and switch off all digital gadgets one hour prior to hitting the sack. Relax with calming music or read a book in bed till you fall asleep. You will be stunned to discover how energetic and healthy you feel when you get sufficient sleep at night.