Mobile broadband plans – A knowhow


Mobile broadband is a wireless technology that gives access to internet connection on your mobile phone. Mobile broadband also helps to connect your laptop or net book to the web using mobile phone signals. Not all laptops have this built-in facility to connect to internet. Mobile broadband ‘dongle’ is used to plug to the USB port of your computer for this purpose.

Many mobile broadband deals are available in different types and styles. Data usage is a major factor in deciding mobile plans now. Plans are  basically priced as per megabyte or gigabyte. In all deals you have to pay in advance either in data allowance in GB or an amount of a day’s usage, after which you will have to ‘top up’ your allowance. It can be very expensive so, it is better to pick a data plan that will cover you data usage needs.

Unlimited data plans -give you the freedom to download and browse the web without worrying about exceeding your data limit or being charged extra. Note that the unlimited plan always comes with a limit.

Pay-as-you-go or pre-paid mobile data plan –is provided by only a few networks. Here, you get internet on the go without signing any contract or paying on a monthly basis. You pay the money for the internet you are going to use in advance. Once the data gets used up, you will have to buy and use the web. Some providers give free data.

Note– Pick a network that has a good coverage. Sometimes, you get extra discount, if you use the same company’s mobile plan. Every network has different charges for different data plan. Pick a network that gives the cheapest offer on the specific amount of GB you want to use. 3G and 4G mobile broad bands are available on the mobile phones. 4G broadband are five times faster than the 3G ones. The strength of the signal determines the quality of the internet connection.