MALARIA; how deadly can be a mosquito bite


Every day we are somehow or the other bitten by mosquitoes. But who knows how we get Malaria. You are neither going to search the mosquito that is the cause for the disease. But we found that this disease is caused due to the mosquito bite which is considerably a female anopheles mosquito. Specifically the mosquito breed in stagnant water and even on the decaying wastes. So let’s have a look to some important factors which would provide proper information relating to the disease.

Wiki sickness speaks that Malaria is a disease being caused due to transmission of plasmodium parasite into the body of human being. This is being transmitted through the mosquito generally called the plasmodium vivax. This parasite enters into the body of female anopheles mosquito and reproduces inside its body. When the mosquito bites a human this gets transmitted through the blood.  The simple biting of the mosquito later leads to a fatal disease which becomes quite difficult to encounter.


This disease is caused due to mosquito bite that considerably is the female Anopheles mosquito. The species is believed to transmit malaria with its parasites that passes through blood transfusion. Mostly people living in areas prone to malaria, the semi- immunity to malaria even permits the donors to contaminate parasitemia without fever or any kind of clinical symptoms. Though this doesn’t enter into the liver, still it is harmful.


Apart from all that, if you have malaria and you are transplanting your organ, then there are chances that the receiver also gets contaminated.  You might be shocked, but it’s true that there is transplacental malaria which significantly is caused in populations those are semi immune to malaria. In this case the mother might have placental parasitemia or peripheral parasitemia which is manifested without fever but just a vertical transmission of this infestation is associated with anemia in the baby. Wiki sickness is being a better stand on for bringing a proper identity to diseases like this.


If you are suffering from Malaria, then it’s sure that you are going to have certain symptoms that would appear with in 12 to 14 days after infection. The symptoms are generally that of:-

  • Headache and pain in the abdominal region.
  • Shivering and sweating
  • Vomiting, diarrhea and nausea
  • Joint pain.
  • Hemolytic anemia.
  • Hemoglobin in the urine.
  • Retinal damage and convolution.
  • Lowering of blood pressure that would cause dizziness otherwise called the orthostatic hypotension.
  • Muscular paining.
  • poor appetite
  • kidney failure
  • pulmonary edema
  • Tiredness, delirium, unconsciousness and coma in case of infection from P. Falciparum.