Making it big despite the odds against her


Jennifer Lopez has become popular worldwide for her singing and acting. She is one of the most sought after stars in the Hollywood who commands great value as a performer. We have seen how much she is worth when the paycheck for her special celebrity judge for American Idol was announced at $12 million. Clearly proves that the Puerto Rican singing diva has made it big in the industry without any background. She has put to rest any doubts that were ever in the mind of the people who thought it was not for Latinos to be in the showbiz.

JLO and her fame

Rising from her life in Bronx to being a back up dancer in a night club, Jennifer Lopez aka JLO has made it really big in the industry. Namely she is a part of the Hollywood fraternity while also being engaged in the music industry although the acting has since taken a back seat. Still you can be sure that Jennifer Lopez net worth of around $ 340 million can be attributed to her career as an actor and singer equally. Moreover, she has been quite successful by branching out her own clothing line and fragrance. Unsurprisingly, the dusky beauty has got a Midas touch to herself by achieving feats that are astounding to say the least. Although she has not been that lucky with her relationships in life still her success has more than made up for it. A glittering career and sprawling properties in the United States more than make up for any personal failure ever experienced by the Dance Again hit maker.

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Making it big

Not everyone gets a chance to be part of the official song for FIFA Football World Cup. This alone was enough to prove the fame enjoyed by one of the biggest Latino stars in the history. The high net worth of JLO is the result of her hard work and talent that she was able to portray at the right time in her career. Starting off with a minor role in a 80’s movie, she has certainly come a long way as a pop star and popular actor with multiple hits like Anaconda and Wedding Planner. Not surprising then that with a record 60 million career record sales and cumulative film gross of above $ 2 billion that she is regarded as the most influential Hispanic performer in the USA. Quite easily explains the humongous Lopez net worth that can astonish anyone. She has managed her business life really spectacularly with greatly successful career alongside clothing lines, fragrances, a production company, accessories, TV shows, and charitable foundation among other endeavors. She has been able to make a lot of news around her multiple failed relationships other than being a star performer around the world. Having a flashy career and lots of fame comes at a price for all the stars no matter who they are and where they belong. Jennifer Lopez made it big despite the odds and it is really  inspiring for others.