Luxury Bus from Johor to Genting Highlands


The Genting Highlands is a major tourist place of international importance in Malaysia. The Johor is the southernmost state from where its local people and tourists take one-day tour to Genting Highlands. This is also a local picnic spot and weekend hangouts for working class people in Johor. It is advisable to book your travel in advance through to avoid last hour rush over the counter.

Johor to Genting Highland by Road

The Johor to Genting distance is 150-miles. The roads are excellent and you cannot expect the city traffic to be always smooth. The major part of the journey by road is through plain land. When you reach the foothills of Titiwangsa Mountains, the hill road take you to Genting Highlands. This is a scenic road best to travel by luxury bus to enjoy the surrounding places while in traveling. You can reach Genting Highlands by 4-5 hours when your bus goes with an average speed of 50kmph.

  • The luxury buses from Johor to Genting are affordable.
  • It has fully reclining seats to adjust and sit for your 4-5 hour journey.
  • It has soft cushion seats.
  • The luxury bus has air conditioner.
  • You can be shaking free, as these luxury bus are fix with hydraulic suspension.
  • You can book luxury bus through

After reaching Genting Highlands, there is Go Genting Express Bus to travel locally from the hilltop to Kuala Lumpur every hour.


Genting Skyway

The Genting skyway is another option to reach the top of Genting Highlands through cable car. It hardly takes 10-15 minutes to reach the top of the hills. You can have a picturesque look of Titiwangsa Mountains and its rain forest. You will feel you are traveling through clouds, when nearing the mid way of this hill. To go through cable care, you have to get down at Gohtong Jaya.

Traveling through luxury bus is safe on the hill road. You can reach comfortable to Genting Highlands when you book your travel bus ticket in advance through online booking. You can get few discounts through online booking from travel and tour websites. Johor to Genting roads are fine to travel in all weather conditions. The tourists can enjoy the Johor city and its suburban areas while traveling by road to Genting highlands. The hairpin bends on the hill road to Genting Highlands are spacious and the best for a luxury bus to turn comfortably.