Keep track of your team’s progress


Football has some of the most loyal and truest fans in all of sports. They show their undying support for their teams, day in and day out, win or lose. Some even go to the extent of going to the stadium just to watch every game live. While some go to pubs and watch the games with other members of their fan club. Yes folks, they have fan clubs for their teams, that’s how dedicated they are in showing their support.

In any event that you might miss watching the game live, whether in the stadium or in the pub, you tend to rely on your friends’ status updates on the game, which can become pretty annoying sometimes. Worry not diehard fan, since there are also people that share the same sentiments as you and they just happen to be app developers. Hence the app that lets you watch Bundesliga live has been developed. Thank you fellow fans!

bundesliga live

Real time updates, even when you’re at work

For some reason that you might not be able to attend the game or go to the pub with your friends to watch the game (in which they might just be having a pretty good time by now) and you’re currently stuck behind your desk doing overtime, why not try and calm yourself by downloading this app. It lets you have real time updates during the game so you’ll be sure that you won’t miss out from all of the action that’s going on.

Keep yourself updated anywhere, anytime

One of the best things about this app is that it can be downloaded in the app store and can support different operating systems. Hurray! This lets you be updated with almost everything you need to know about what’s happening during the game as well as other updates about your favourite clubs by subscribing to the newsletter to get constant updates via push notifications. And of course, this app is FREE to download. Yes, you read that correctly, free. F.R.E.E., free.

Scoring, passing, every stat that you need to know, you can.

This app lets you find out the scoring list of each team as well as the overall stats of each player as to who has the best pass rates, the most goals and other stats as well. It also lets you know who the team of the day is, hopefully it’s the one that you’re rooting for, go team!

All in all, this app is very helpful to fans that cannot go to see the game for whatever reason they have. Thank you kind hearted developers! This app is truly a gift to all diehard Bundesliga fans out there and is surely a must have app in any fan’s mobile phone.