Is Clenbuterol legal in Australia?


Clenbuterol is a sympathomimetics drug which helps in losing the weight and improving the performance. Due to its everlasting such as increase in blood pressure, boost the metabolism, increased thermogenesis which helps in burning of calories effects it is very popular. Some of its effects such as greater cardiac output as heart pumps more blood per beat due to which it act like a bronchodilator and help in treating the asthma. . but recently many of its side effects have been studied which includes  some short term side effects such as Muscle cramps, Hypertension (increased blood pressure),Increased heart rate, Palpitations, Insomnia, Dry mouth,  Vomiting,. Tremors (shakiness especially marked in hands) and long term side effects are Headaches, sweating, breathing difficulties, Enlarged heart ,Heart degeneration and, Exacerbation of existing heart conditions And Increased risk of bone fractures. Due to these dangerous side effects Illegal in many countries (UK, New Zealand, Canada Australia, Italy, France, Ireland, Germany and in some parts of Europe) and banned by FDA. It has been a major issue such as how to get this drug in Australia?

Is it legal to use this drug in Australia? How to get this drug in Australia? Are these available there?

These are some question which normally arises who lives in Australia and wants to use Clenbuterol. In Australia, clen is passed for veterinary use at it is prescribed drug for horses and used as airway dilator. However, Clenbuterol is banned and illegal for people in Australia .it is mainly because it’s dangerous and harmful side effects. But it is quite popular among body builders and athletes and easily available online which later shipped the drug to Australia. In countries like United States, this drug is legal even without prescription and tagged as pure research chemical. However in Australia there is law which enables its citizen to export drug for weight loss conditions. Many of sports personalities in Australia have being using it because of its anabolic effects and it is now become a part of sports industry. Some celebrities such as Michael Rogers-cycling champion, Lucas brown heavyweight boxer champion, also by the Australian footballers named Lachlan Keeffe and josh Thomas who were suspended fromyeam after tested positive for consuming Clenbuterol.

What are other ways to get drug on Australia?

       According to the Australian law, Clenbuterol is strictly prohibited to sell, purchase, use or     import or human use. It is illegal to use Clenbuterol in Australia. Before importing it in Australia, you would be needed a legal permit and in the absence of it you will be subject to fine. Only way to bought Clenbuterol in Australia is for horse usage as airway dilator. It is also banned by many of the sport organizations, so if anyone finds guilty of using Clenbuterol, he or she will be kicked out of the competition. Besides of banning clen, its uses increased in recent years in Australia. According to the medical journal of Australian NSW poisons information centre the use of clen have been increases 9 times and about 84 % of its users are hospitalized due to its side effects.

Despite of this, drugs are importing on large scale in Australia. The biggest company involved in it is Crazy bulk who transports their clen very easily to Australia and has many of satisfying costumers. Clen is also easily available online.