Start Working As A Freelancer

How to Start Working As A Freelancer


Are you determined to start working on your own? The freelance work allows us to organize ourselves at our own pace without the need to be supervised by a boss, but also poses a major challenge: the lack of stability, and that on many occasions we have tons of work and other very little do. This condition can affect your economy, however if you are an organized person, responsible and strategist you will manage the matter in an appropriate way.

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Steps to follow:

1. The first thing you should be very clear about is that freelance work is not for everyone and that certain skills are required to successfully perform this task. In principle you should know that you will not have a fixed income, that the amount of work may vary, many times you should work more hours than you are entitled to, and that you will not have the comforts of a formal job such as paid vacations, salary benefits. Etc.

  • Once this is understood, it is very important to know that to be a good freelance you must:
  • Be organized with work and with time.
  • Know how to establish priorities.
  • Respond quickly and effectively to your customers.
  • Always offer the best work to your clients so that they always want to return.
  • Manage the money properly so you can always have liquidity.
  • Have a lot of patience to face all the challenges of working on your own.

2. Are you ready to start working as a freelancer? Start by establishing a list of services you can provide with the respective rates as a guide, so when someone asks for a budget for a project you can respond quickly. Remember that at the time of starting it is important to offer competitive prices because you need to let you know, as you gain customers you can adjust your earnings.

3. You must be aware of the legal regulations regarding billing and collection of freelance work. For example, in Spain it is necessary to register as an independent to be able to invoice the work done by our account if they are frequent and exceed 3,000 euros per year. In other countries it will be enough to make an invoice and declare the VAT to the corresponding body.

The truth is that you do not want to start working as a freelance, incurring in illegality, so getting informed about the regulations in this aspect and preparing all the details regarding your billing will be essential.

4. Before starting to apply for freelance work and offer your services, it is very important to review your CV and prepare a portfolio. Your curriculum must be updated with your latest work, it must be creative and original to capture in a few seconds the attention of the reader and must demonstrate your abilities as a freelancer.

In addition it will be important to prepare a good portfolio or have on hand (and in digital) some samples of your work that serve as cover letter. Remember that a good job is worth more than any word.

5. Once you have everything ready to respond adequately to any offer, it’s time to look for freelance websites. In this type of pages, different jobs suitable for freelance are offered constantly, so you can apply for the offers you consider appropriate and also evaluate the reality of the market.

It is important to start making a portfolio of loyal customers, so every job you do must be of quality, always responding to the deadlines that the client requests and communicating with him in a timely manner to offer what he asks for. All this will make you, the next time you need a job, contact you directly instead of using a website.

6. Another way to start working as a freelancer is to contact companies that fit your profile directly. Let’s suppose that you are a translator, because you carry out a search for translation companies and send your CV and portfolio, putting yourself in order to carry out freelance projects. You never know when you will touch a door that is willing to open, so the effort is worth it.

In addition, an advantage of working on your own is that distance does not necessarily matter and that there are many jobs that we can do no matter where we are, which can expand the search radius considerably.

7. Learning to advertise ourselves is a fundamental aspect of freelance work, because it is important to let everyone know that you work on your own, because you never know when a friend or acquaintance may need your services. Let your environment know what you do and sell your work whenever you can, because you never know who you are talking to or if that person will become your next customer.

8. What better way to introduce yourself to social networks? If you want to start working as a freelancer it is very important that all social networks and web media in which a potential client can search for information from you are up to date, so we recommend you:

Review your LinkedIn account and complete all the fields that are necessary. If you are not yet part of this social network, it is important to sign up as many people use it to investigate the work history of the person they wish to hire.

Optimize your Google + profile as there are many people who can reach you through this medium.

Create a good profile on Twitter that allows you to highlight your professional skills, again you do not know who can reach you through this medium.

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