How to simplify data storage with time tracker – Time Clock Genie


Time Clock Genie provides the best way to store the data according to online time tracker. With the help of the time tracker, you can easily track the attendance of the employee in order to generate the accurate report. It becomes quite hectic for the management to keep the record of the employee schedules and arrival or departure time, therefore they always wanted to store the data with the help of the time tracker so that the chances of the error becomes less and accurate reports can be generated. If you wish to store the data in a simplified manner, then you should definitely visit

Easy access to data

Data can be easily accessed via mobile phones, tablets or PDA. The employee can easily access their attendance, arrival and departure time, payroll report and other things on the phones. helps you to track the storage with easy methods.

Scheduling of data

Employees schedule will be prepared according to the working timing of the employee; they will look at the calendars while generating the schedules of the employee and will track the timing of the employee.

Alert the employees

When the employee is not arriving on time or going before the scheduled time then, it will generate the alarm in order to alert the employee to reach on time. It will store the timing of the employee for the preparation of the payroll report.  Managers can set the notifications for the employees if they are not reporting on time so that they can reach on time and does not depart before time.

Data storage

Whenever the notification will be delivered to the employee of being late or any other issue, it will automatically be stored with the name of the employee. It will affect the payroll report of the employee automatically.

All the data will be stored automatically so that manual workload could be reduced. Time tracking will be the main factor of storing the data. If you want to store the data with time tracking, then you should definitely visit this site as it provides you the best facilities for the data storage.