How To Score Bonuses on Betting Games


Betting games are becoming an enjoying and satisfying sports in the online gaming sites today. In fact, a lot of people have been playing such games not just for enjoyment but to actually earn good value money.

But how is that even possible?

Basically, online betting sites time to time gives out bonuses that are real cash or coupon tickets for players to enjoy. These are the legit bonus that encourages players to bet a big amount of money in return of getting the same amount of stake as a bonus. That’s why a lot of players are encouraged in playing.

However, the key to enjoying such a bonus is to first know what they are. Here are a few types of STS and ETOTO bonus and how you can score them.

Types of Game Bonus

1 Welcome Bonus

One of the best most popular bonus that can be found on any website you can go through is the welcome bonus. Basically, it’s a bonus you first get when you sign in or sign up for a game or perhaps an account on the site.

Before even starting an actual game, a welcome bonus usually allows you to receive up to 500 PLN just after registering. The only thing you needed to do is to pay any amount of money to enroll in a betting game.

STS bonus definitely offers the equivalent of your payment to the bonus account, from that it will be confident as you continue playing.

2 Invite a Friend Bonus

STS or Etoto bonus encourages their regular or even new players to convince a friend or two to play the game, set an account, in return for a bonus. This tactic is not just enjoyed on betting games, but even in other games found on the internet.

What will happen thereafter is that you will receive 50 zlotys to be used for the website as well as your invited friend? Given that within the 14 days of invitation, the newly recruited member should deposit into their account at least PLN 50 and create coupons with rates less than 1.5 to validify the promotion or bonus. If all conditions are finally met then you can enjoy with your friend the bonus money from the site.

3 Monday Bonus

Nothing sounds better than hearing a good news on a Monday, or having a bonus on Monday! It can definitely both!

When players play on the first day of the week, Monday, they can receive a bonus up to PLN 100. Given that players must play from Monday 00:01 to Sunday until 23:59 bets of the promotion participants are settled or deposited.

4 Virtual Week

This is another interesting action which rewards players who bet on virtual sports events. If you want to take advantage of this type of STS bonus, then you have to buy coupons that are waged during a given week. Thus, this can not take participation with any traditional sports.

If all conditions are met, the player will be credited with a bonus account that amounts with the same stake total value of up to the first three losing bets each week. They can also receive several bonuses in a total of PLN 30.