How to Effectively Lose Weight


You are decisive to lose weight, you are willing to achieve your goal and are motivated but do not know where to start and in the path you can find several options on diets, exercise methods, T.V advertisements on miraculous pills and other misinformation, with the options you can get de-motivated or quit to lose weight. However there are three key factors that will help you not only in weight loss but to do it in a healthy way with habits you can have for life, which are: food, training and rest.

Food and Nutrition 

Eating adequate food in the right amounts is the most important factor on achieving your fitness goal, variety and balance between carbs, proteins, fats and vegetables are essential for achieving a healthy weight and keeping it. Vegetables and proteins are the main groups of foods to consider. The vegetables have a great amount of fiber and vitamins and are very low in calories, its daily consumption has plenty of benefits such as: cancer prevention, lower cholesterol levels, better bowel transit and regarding our weight loss goal it slowdown the absorption of carbohydrates and helps to reduce the ingest of calories in the sense that the more vegetables you eat, the more fuller you will feel.

Proteins role in your diet is important, every time you eat proteins you boost your metabolism, control insulin and allows you to burn more body fat, also proteins are harder to digest so your stomach takes more time to empty, delays the release of ghrelin (the hormone that controls hunger sensations) and you feel less anxious for food.


Some people make the mistake of eliminating carbohydrates and fat when trying to lose weight, this is a huge mistake since carbs are like the fuel of our organism and they are necessary to have energy, but it is important knowing that they need to be controlled, often the weight gain is due to the consumption of carbohydrates in amounts higher than necessary, it is also important to note there is not a standard body response for all crabs, so it’s not the same eating cookies or ice cream than brown rice or oats, make sure the crabs you eat are high in fiber and natural.

There is a myth that fats make you gain weight, in certain way this is true, there are a lot of processed food with trans-fat and fats in general are high in calories, but also moderate consumption of the so called good fats like Omega-3, EPA, DHA, can help you lose weight. Fat is also a source of energy, regulate hormones, control your appetite and diminish anxiety.


This is the most flexible factor in the sense that you can choose the program that adapts to your lifestyle, time, goals and comfort. Nowadays there are tons of options: Pilates, yoga, TRX, cross fit, traditional weight lift, etc. It is up to you, which you choose. It also helps having a cardio routine, this type of exercise burns a lot of calories because the body consume more oxygen that it needs, with this lack of oxygen the body works harder to compensate and fat burn occurs.


You should sleep at least 6 hours a day or otherwise your progress will be torpid, the lack of energy is just a superficial effect of not having proper sleep, like everything we do it has an effect in our organism: the main organ affected is the brain, if you do not sleep well you will feel irritable, and feel more anxious and stressed for this reason you can experience difficulties controlling your appetite and cravings for hypercaloric food because of the release of ghrelin and leptin, decrease of insulin sensitivity, and in the long term there is a greater risk for diseases like diabetes, depression or cancer.