Oxandrolone was originally produced for medical purposes. This is useful for therapy in cases of anemia, Turner syndrome, hereditary angioedema, hepatitis caused by alcohol abuse, for recovery from various traumas, surgeries, chronic infections, etc. This medicine can reduce the time when a person must stay in the hospital because of the great benefits. This medicine has been approved by the Food and Medicine Administration. Later this product began to be used for athletic needs. This causes a condition when it is included in the list of controlled substances.

extra weight without losing strength

This preparation does not have essential androgenic activity. He also has mild anabolic properties. That is why steroid oxandrolona 20mg is widely used by both female and male athletes. Women prefer this steroid to others because they can get the strength and physicality that is determined without the effects of virilization due to the administration of this medicine. Apart from these characteristics, it is not too toxic to the liver compared to other steroids. That’s why some athletes try to use it for a long time. But it is not recommended because the intake of this medicine for months without a break can cause some liver problems. Some sources even assert that oxandrolona 20mg is the lightest and safest steroid of them that can be bought today. Furthermore, this medicine is the best choice for individuals who are sensitive to estrogen-related side effects. Because it is not converted to estrogen, consumers from this preparation do not experience such adverse reactions, such as fat accumulation and gynecomastia. Oxandrolone steroids cause consumers to define muscle and gain strength with high quality. This medicine does not suppress natural testosterone production. Even if the medicine is taken in increased doses, it does not negatively affect the natural production of testosterone. This is an ideal product for the last days of the steroid cycle. Fluid retention usually does not occur because of this preparation, even athletes who have high blood pressure can take it. It is claimed to be an effective medicine for those who need to lose extra fat. These steroids are the best medicine for them because they have to escape from extra weight without losing strength. Many sportsmen use this medicine for several months before the competition.