Honda Activa 5G – best offer on the Autoportal


Honda has been a major player in the Indian market for more than two decades now. And in that period, it has rolled out quite a few major turners in the market. Its presence and command, especially in the two-wheeler market has been commendable. It has not only established an almost monopoly in the gearless vehicle market but has also contributed to better the standard of so many other companies as well. Today, we are here to shed some light on another major head turner that hits the Indian streets pretty soon, and that is the Honda Activa 5g. There are many factors that set it apart in the market. We mention some of them below:

  • Engine: The 110cc engine is one of Honda’s favorite. It has managed to revolutionize the local market single-handedly. The number of units that it has been able to move in the past few years on its 110cc model have been nothing short of astounding. And this time around, it plans to recapture the market riding on an even improved performance from the same. You get power and style in the new Activa.

  • Economy: Shelling out a mileage of 45 to 60 kmpl, it is one smooth ride all the way. You get not only increased performance but also the substance of style coupled with it. This is one big improvement from the last model that it ushered out. It has been building up steadily from the last one. The aim of the company gets pretty clear with the new honda activa 5g, it plans to dominate the market once more. And with this kind of fuel economy, it just might.
  • Power: Packing in a solid 8 bhp, it is more than enough to tackle the rough local city terrains. It has been built as a city vehicle and will serve excellently in that capacity. You glide over any challenge that the city roads have for you. It is not exactly a monster with that much power but still quite enough to turn the city into your playground.
  • Weight: Weighing in at a moderate 109 kgs, it makes for a pretty good balance between light and keeping steady. With a plus 100 kg tag, it means that your vehicle will remain steady even when you go into the slightly higher range of rpm. Thus, stability! That coupled with the new streamlined seat, you get a stable and secure ride.

The market for the new Activa:

The market opportunity is ripe for the new king of the roads. With its quirky colors, it is bound to be one of the favorites of the college-going kids and the new age adults. It is in the truest sense a vehicle for everybody. Even old people can ride it without any fear. The CBS enabled version makes sure that you have stability even in wet and sandy conditions. Your vehicle does not slip and neither do you fall off. Overall, it is a pretty good place to put your money in.