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Migration from one country to another requires major documentation. And Immigration is the process which allows the people for moving internationally from one country to another and they are not the native of new destination neither possess the citizenship. Especially if you have planned to become the permanent resident of that country or traveled there for job purpose. Providing visa to any individual requires some sort of certification and only a certified consultant can continue with this process. And the Justice Immigration Institute helps in acquiring such certificates to the interested individual who wants to opt this as a career.

Migrants or immigrants

When the people crosses the national borders during for the purpose of migrating to the other country for any reason then those people are called immigrants or migrants.

Immigrants leave their former citizenship or habitual residence because of several reasons which include the lack of access to the resources or a desire to make more money or to find a paid work or much more. Short-term stays in another country other than the native one can not be considered as immigration or migration.

How the process of immigration is being done?

The immigration process involves a series of process and documentation and it differs from country to country. Foreign citizens who want to settle down permanently in the US should first get an immigrant visa. This is very the first step for becoming a legal resident permanently.

Why should one become a certified immigration consultant?

US certified immigration consultant is a completely new and extraordinary career opportunity. There are some reasons for selecting this as a career opportunity. Have a look below:

The salary or profit is quite attractive after this certification.

A prestigious career which also provides satisfaction for helping people throughout the world.

Transferable Skills


Unlimited Demand for immigration service but limited number of immigration consultant:

Diverse Practice Areas

Work Environment

Own Business/Dynamic Environment

An individual is free to choose from the various Career opportunities which can opt after acquiring the certificate from the Justice Immigration. People can work according to their choice.Some interesting ones are:

operating own immigration consulting business

Immigration Consultant

Immigration Consultant

Working with law firm

Non-profit organization

Government Agencies

How the institute helps individual?

For getting enrolled, you have to sign with the website,, select the program of your interest, make the payment, study the course materials, complete the assignments and get the certificate.a