Get to know about Blue coat systems


The company Blue Coat Systems has a reputation in the field of digital security. In the year of 1996, the company was found as CacheFlow and later Blue Coat has expanded capabilities and offerings. Presently around 15,000 organizations from different parts of the world are utilizing the Blue Coat’s security platform in order to protect their network from the issues like viruses, hacking as well as other digital problems. The company is also providing the optimizing network performance as well as digital analytics. The security platform of Blue Coat has proved itself as a valuable addition to the business network by handling security threats and combining the network performance. Moreover the platform enables the business organizations to hold cloud for various purposes.


In the initial stage, the company does not provide many offerings to the customers. But as days pass by, the Blue Coat started to develop and attain various products which are very effective in order to enhance the Blue Coat security platform. In June 2016, the company which is considered as security giant Symantec has acquired Blue coat and they developed the security platform even more wider. Today most of the companies are very much interested to prefer this security platform for their network infrastructure. Still you many wonder how this security platform is being so special when compared with other platforms. The following are the interesting factors which made this platform unique from other companies.

Actually the Blue Coat secure web gateway is being an efficient gatekeeper in between the internet and network users therefore it monitors the traffic to find the malware programs and prevent from attacking the network. The gateway of Blue coat utilizes the ProxySG feature in order to filter the traffic and also for various purposes such as minimizing threats, cloud application usage and to prevent data loss. Moreover this feature will enhance the visibility in the encrypted traffic. ProxySG is being very effective for Blue Coat and it finds the new threats and prevents them. Therefore the clients do not need to worry about their network security.

The proxy architecture of Blue Coat has the ability to solve different security problems. The platform makes the business organizations to save their data in the cloud so that they will be protected from the network based threats. In addition to that, the company is controlling the business policies from the cloud systems such as mobile, web and social networks.