Garage Security Tips to Keep the Thieves Away


home security systemsMost of us are fully aware that garages are often a weak link in our home security systems. Thieves know that we use the garage to store gifts for birthdays and Christmas, along with our bicycles and expensive tools. Needless to say, the garage becomes any easy obvious target.

With urban poverty levels on the rise, garage thefts are reaching unthinkable levels. Securing your garage by taking the obvious step of locking doors will improve the situation. If you have garage shelving systems in place, it is also easier to see when things go missing or have been disturbed.

A basic cylinder lock is all that stands between thieves and your goods inside the garage. They are very easy to get through and are visually not much of a deterrent to a seasoned garage thief. Consider finding someone with a drill that has even minimal DIY experience to help you add security.

DIY experienceBolt It

Invest in garage door bolts. These kits can be found at most good hardware stores. They come as a pair of bolts with a lock that opens with a matching key. The great thing is that they can be used on most types of garage doors. On either side of the door you can attach the bolts so that they can slide into the wall or, if you prefer, drop into the ground vertically. This added security will keep all the goods stored on your garageshelving safe and secure.

Defend that Door

For up-and-over garage doors, garage door defenders provide a striking combination of visual and actual deterrence. Visual deterrence, according to, plays a big role if you want to keep thieves from the door.

A defender lock is particularly chunky and cannot be missed. It is held in place in a steel foundation by a padlock that eliminates the basic slanting movement of the door. Putting this mechanism into place is a simple job for anyone that has even minimal DIY experience and an hour to spare. The back part of the defender is placed under the door. The base section is secured with raw bolts into the ground.

Of course, you can also add CCTV cameras, an alarm and lights to your system, but to start off with, simple added security to the door might be all you need.