Factors Responsible for Dental Implants Cost


Cost plays an important role in dental implants, especially with the current advancement of dental implant technology. Due to this technology,implants cost is less than ever making more and more people can afford it. Check out the factors responsible for dental implants cost.

Type of Dental Implant

Cost varies according to the type of treatment. In the case of dental infection. First is bone grafting is required before dental implant. So it is done by harvesting patient’s existing bone or commercially available synthetic or bone products. As a result, the dental implants cost increases. In addition, it also depends on the geographic location of your dentist. A dentist in the San Francisco will charge you more than rural parts of America.


Multiple dental implants are costlier than single tooth implant. Generally, the implants in the front are more costly than at the back. The reason responsible for this is the tooth in front of the mouth needs to look more aesthetic and require more intensive work. Dentist tries to use custom mill art material and design to make intricate details to provide natural and feeling the tooth.


Type of Materials

All implant fixtures are made up of medical grade titanium. Its restoration has two parts, the abutment and the ceramic crown. The abutment itself is attached to the implant and then a crown is used to fit over the abutment. An abutment is made to achieve the better alignment and to properly fit the bone and gums. These all steps are completed in the dental lab where costs vary depending on practice to practice.

Going Abroad for Treatment

People are preferring to take the treatment from abroad. The main reason for going abroad is they can combine their holiday with a great quality treatment. Procedures include implants, bridges, veneers and teeth whitening. The UK is a popular destination due to great treatment methods and low-cost flights. They also can avoid the long NHS waiting lists. On an average, you can save the cost in the treatment from abroad as mentioned below

US – 90% of the price

UK- 89% of the price

Australia- 70% of the price

Moreover, there are so many dentists abroad that specialize in the surgery. So you will get an effective treatment and you can smile, laugh and eat all the foods you want without any worry about your missing tooth.

So, check all these factors and choose the best implant treatment for your missing teeth to look natural.