DBS service enhancements announced


If you need a criminal records check, you are in luck as the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), the governmental department that carries out the checks, has recently announced that a number of enhancements to their service will be introduced in order to improve their services.

Whilst some of the changes will not come into effect until some time next year, several have been made immediately available.

Recent enhancements to the service

The service has grappled with new efficiency through the use of modern technology. It is now possible to use their online referral portal. Employers who wish to obtain DBS checks directly from the DBS can register an account to manage their certificates. This online system also makes it easier for employers to share relevant information regarding their employee with the DBS. This is all done through a secure online government platform.

Forthcoming enhancements to the service

Again, taking advantage of all modern technology has to offer, the DBS intends to allow applicants to apply for a Basic Disclosure through their online portal from January 2018 onward. Necessary identity checks will be completed through the government’s verify website. Applicants will not be able to apply online for their Basic DBS check themselves, but the application must be from an employer or a third party such as carecheck.co.uk who has registered with the DBS.

Advantages of the online system

The online portal is designed to make it both easier and quicker for employers and other relevant organisations to apply for disclosure certificates. It should also make it easier for employers to send referrals to the DBS. The DBS has also stated that the digital disclosure certificates will make it easier for individuals during the recruitment process as they will not have to provide a physical copy of their certificate prior to an interview or ahead of a recruitment decision being resolved. This should ensure that there are fewer delays to the recruitment process.

The paper based application system will continue to run alongside the online application system for the foreseeable future. However, the online version will ensure that the application process will be much easier and straightforward to use, and with the current emphasis on sustainability and reduction in waste, it is likely that it will soon entirely replace the existing system.