Boost your Confidence with a Nose Thread Lift


Do you want a taller nose bridge? Have you been dreaming of a sharper nose tip like those of your favorite celebrities? There’s no need to dream because you can actually make that a reality.

ose thread lift in Malaysia

There are some parts of our body that we feel embarrassed or ashamed. We all have different reasons. As a result, we tend to hide them using makeup and adding a few layers of clothes. In extreme cases, there are individuals who don’t want to leave home and mingle with others.

Their imperfections are stressing them out. Now, the world of cosmetic surgery is addressing varying needs and concerns. Because of its niche, it has grown rapidly and it is a viable option to correct those imperfections.

One major concern for Asian women is their nose. We are not gifted at all with sharp and pointy noses. But doing major surgery can be quite scary. Hence, the creation of a non surgical nose augmentation or popularly referred to as nose fillers.

Nose Fillers

Don’t be alarmed when you encounter the phrase nose fillers. These are perfectly safe hyaluronic acid filler injections. Using this, it can reshape your nose bridge. This improves both your side and even frontal face.

The Hyaluronic acid filler is a kind of proteoglycan. This is similar to what can be found in our skin, eyes, and even joints. This is highly reversible by dissolution or natural breakdown by the body. Because it can be found within our system, this is perfectly safe for face contouring.

If you think surgery takes time to do and more time in recovery, nose fillers are the opposite. Since this is a non-surgical nose job, expect less time and less recovery. The nose job only takes 15 to 20 minutes only. This even needs a few injections. The common parts are the middle of the nose bridge and the tip. The nose thread lift in Malaysia typically uses lignocaine with the fillers that served as a numbing agent. Hence, pain is minimized when injecting the target areas.

Many don’t like doing surgery because of its noticeable results. While using fillers can greatly improve your nose shape, this will not radically change your entire face. Non-surgical nose filler procedure creates visible results without that effect that you get some “work done”. The effects are subtle yet present. Your friends will definitely notice a difference but they won’t be able to tell exactly why. The good thing is that this procedure won’t even leave a scar.

Depending on the filler used, a nose filler can last for one to two years.  So you also need to go back to the clinic where you had the procedure in order to see radical changes and more so when to replace and redo the filler.

Nose thread lift is the safest and non-surgical nose job one can get. This will surely help you realize your dream nose without much pain and spending too much. So if you want to have a brand new nose, opt for the non-surgical nose filler today.