An overview about the vaginal infection


For a woman the hygiene of her private part is very much important. There are some health issues which can occur in case one fails to take necessary precautions and care at various stages of life. A vaginal yeast infection is the reason of overgrowingfungus that naturally exists in your vagina.This fungus is called Candida albicans.

Once the so called good bacteria that lives in your vagina is outnumbered by Candida albicans, the vagina starts to show the sign of yeast infection such as irritation, itching, welling, white discharge and many more. Though it is very important to get the yeast infection diagnosed. The symptoms of a yeast infection are very much similar to the other infections that are tackled way differently than this one. Hence to accurately know the infection type and level is much important. For this your doctor can be the best judge but there are some situations where one needs to take some prompt actions and hence can check with the symptoms mentioned here.

There are many remedies that can help one to get rid of the yeast infection. But one must not follow these home remedies if:

  • You are vulnerable to the sexually transmitted infection.
  • You are pregnant
  • You are a history of recurring infection.
  • You have not diagnosed your infection as vaginal fungal infection, it’s important to see a gynecologist before moving forward with the treatment.

There are many things that you must follow along with the home remedies that help in reducing the yeast infection. Following these steps which help in reducing or aggregating the already- vaginal yeast infection:

  • Using soaps to clean your vagina must be avoided as it changes the pH level of your vagina. Water must be used to clean the vagina at all times.
  • A warm bath can help relieve the swollen vagina caused by the infection or putting a cold damp cloth helps too. You must avoid rubbing or itching your swollen area for relieving the vagina as it can irritate your vagina further.
  • You must use pads and not tampons if you are infected by the vaginal infection. Tampons are more vulnerable when it comes to infection and can absorb the medication used to cure the infection.
  • Intercourse can be discomforting during the vaginal infection, if so, one must completely avoid it or use a water soluble lube which can help during intercourse and make it less uncomfortable.

The home remedies that one must follow to eradicate the yeast infection are as under:

  • Boric acid:

It is known to be an effective antiseptic for treating vaginal yeast infection. Though many studies claim that over using of the boric acid can cause severe side effects. These side effects include acute failure of the circulatory system, kidney failure and many other fatal effects. So, it is recommended not to consume boric acid or use it on the cracked skin. If a are pregnant, boric acid must be avoided all together.

Boric acid must be diluted before topically applying it on the affected area.

  • Hydrogen peroxide:

Hydrogen peroxide is a well known antiseptic and is works great for bacteria and yeast. Many women claim that using hydrogen peroxide is an effective way to relieve the yeast infection. Its antiseptic properties are confined to several species of bacteria and yeast and not all of them. It is applied topically on the affected area. It is very important to dilute the hydrogen peroxide before using it on the skin and not use it more than five days in a row.

Hence with the help of these easy options one can control the infection and also get rid of it easily.