All about eSports agent


Professional sports include trusted advisors and managers to maintain bond between clients and are well known as player agents. Player agents direct their clients and lend a hand in each and every aspect while going through the short playing career to increase the revenues along with that clients are benefitted with useful play opportunities. The eSports commerce is quite different from professional sports and while experiencing, agents must possess a very well- built contract understandings. The eSports industry does not have standard player contracts as in professional sports and it is indeed a very important thing to remember.

The shortage of standard player’s contracts in eSports can be infused as other player’s advantage with the help of player eSports agent and adapting achievement of creative terms of agreed contract. Player of eSports should follow and adhere to terms and conditions before signing contract agreement. This is because, when player decides to get hike in remuneration requiring willingness from other team mates before receiving hike. During such times, hiring a creative eSports agent is very helpful since they can negotiate several of requirements by placing performance based bonuses and increase in salary.


The performance based enticements should not be put together along with other tournament placements but they still can be based separately. The lack of standardized player contract means that agents have to understand the rules in the contract without fail. But the protection rules based on requirement of the player in the contract should be ensured effectively.

Below are few points regarding eSports agency-

  • What Players Should Look for in an eSports Agent? Along with player contracts, the sponsorship agreements should be negotiated and entered in to establish sponsorships and generate revenue for the player.
  • The above contracts are way different than the contracts of the players and various considerations are required.
  • An agent would serve as the voice of the player in any agreement of sponsorship negotiations.
  • Players should ensure that the agent has a high level of understanding of contracts and their operations.
  • On terms, eSports agents have experience with major contracts in the industry of eSports.
  • The eSports agents are involved in marketing their players in two different ways- the agent’s role is limited to marketing or the agent assumes the duties of marketing and negotiating the contract of the player.
  • Many athletes belonging to professional sports choose their own specialized agents to manage their player contracts and to market deals.