Abnormal pap smear test during pregnancy: is it essential?


As we know women’s body need extra care and regular diagnosis and this will detect any potential problems in the body. Now a day one out of every 1000 women has cancer. Thus pap smear is just a test where various screening tools are used to detect any abnormal cells or dysplasia in the cervix. Every physician encourages women to get the pap smear test done at the early age of 21 years so that they get proper treatment against any problem.

What is abnormal smear test?

In the women body the lowest part of the uterus is the cervix which is located at the top of the vagina. In the  abnormal pap smear test during early pregnancy any abnormal cell changes in the cervix are detected and removed. And regular pap smear test can eradicate any chance to develop any abnormal cell into the cervical cancer. Any pre-cancerous cells are searched and removed and thus makes the test a potential lifesaver.

When pap smear test becomes abnormal?

People get obviously nervous hearing any abnormalities in the pap smear test report. As the abnormal pap smear test report indicates that the body have any abnormal cell or any infection which is known as dysplasia. But that doesn’t mean she have cancer rather it indicate some abnormalities like inflammation, herpes, trichomoniasis, recent activity or human papilloma virus.

Abnormal pap smear test during pregnancy

Every adult woman should take the pap smear test in every two or three years. And for a pregnant woman pap smear test falls under healthcare routine as it doesn’t do any problem to the fetus. The test result if comes with an abnormal result then the physician will give possible treatment those are safe during pregnancy. And if there is no possibility of treating the problem at that time then the physician will delay the treatment until the newborn take birth. Sometimes there remains any serious problem and the doctor thus wants to perform some treatment like colposcopy or a cervical biopsy. Colposcopy is a safe test which can be done during pregnancy. If the test result comes positive which means presence of abnormal tissue then a cervical biopsy is done to diagnose the abnormal tissue. Due to these procedures the pregnant lady may experience some bleeding outside of the cervix but this doesn’t cause any harm to the unborn baby in the womb. But the internal biopsy process held with it some risks of pregnancy complications. So before doing this method both the patient and the doctor should discuss the consequences and risks of the method. But invasive cervical cancer if detected during pregnancy should be treated as early as possible or otherwise it will become a harder process to survive for the expectant and the baby. Though abnormal cervical cell changes don’t increase during pregnancy and the cervical cell change also doesn’t affect the pregnancy process and the outcome. Sometimes if the patient is her early pregnancy then doctor suggests to end up the pregnancy to seek the proper treatment for the cervical cancer.

 All this points to the fact that abnormal pap smears common during pregnancy.