A World of Home Safes


Everyone always thinks about the safety of their home. Hence this is our need to take well protection against all the bad things that might tend to happen. Safes are a great discouragement for the thieves but a hidden wall safe is better as the thief will never know about it. All the safe will be designed in such a manner like not only keeping the safety in mind but also provides more facilities for the purpose.


Types of Safe

There are many types of toss the key safe that are available in the market. They are as below.

  • Electronic Safe: This type of safe is used for the safeguard of cash, jewellery and some kinds of assets. This kind of safe can be locked by methods of electronic locks that can be opened with the help of magnetic strip or locks that can be opened by use of the finger prints.
  • Fire resistant Safe: This kind of safe is heavier than the normal ones. For storing the computer disk and DVD we need to take care that the internal temperature does not exceed 125 degrees. For safe which protect from the fire for more than one hour cost a higher rate than the other.
  • Burglary resistant safe: This kind of safe is used for home purpose. This is resistant to the tools that are used for burglary like drills and crow bars. Also this kind of safe protects from fire also.
  • Data Storage Safe: These are safe that are used to protect from the electronic devices such as laptops, data cards, chips etc. This contains lights as well as charging points so that data which is confidential is kept secure to use.
  • Cabinet Safe: Cabinet safe are found to be bigger than the other normal safe in the market. These are more comfortable for the people who prefer extra security.
  • Regular Box Shape: This type of safe are smaller than the cabinet type of safe. But they are also strong like cabinet safe.
  • Decoy Safe: These are safe that are available in the market and are good for storing items that are not of high cash value. This type of safe are in the form of clock, outlet covers, rocks, cleaning supplies and other forms.
  • Vaults: This type of safe are not only used in banks but it has become common for business and as a home safe.