6 Pithasmust be tasted from the Odhiya cuisine


Sweets and desserts are always considered to be the best served during the festive season. One such very famous dish in the eastern region that is the Bengal and Odisha are the pithas which are an indigenous food item known for its taste. One can interpret pitha as a type of a rice cake or a pie with a modern blend to it. These pithas are mostly prepared in the winter season as they have certain ingredients which are best available during winters making it a perfect combination. On the other hand, some pithas are served hot while the others can be taken in cold form. One such famous type of pitha made using jiggery in Odisha is the arisa pitha recipe.

The pithas are not only authentic but also lip-smacking items which once tasted cannot be left behind. Odisha, which is famous for its Jagannathrathyatra, is the time when various styles of pithas are available all around the market. These dishes are liked by the people of all the ages. The mouth-watering pithas are not restricted to one or two types, but there are approximately ten items like this which must be tasted once in a lifetime.

6Pithas, prepared especially in the Ohiya Kitchen-

  • MandaPitha- We all are aware about modaks, the special sweet served to Lord Ganesha. One such kind of modak which is steamed and made in an Odiya style is the mandapitha. It is made out of semolina which is considered to be very light and healthy item. From inside the pithas are stuffed with fresh cheese i.e. chena. Sprinkled on top with the grated coconut and essence of cardamom makes it more delicious.
  • KakaraPitha- Another type of pancake, a dessert delicacy of Odishais the kakarapitha. The coconut filling in the deep fried semolina or wheat flour keeps the ultimate cravings intact to its place.
  • Arisapitha- The soft and crispy from outside and sweet from inside, the popular delicacies of Odisha is the Arisapitha. It is made out of rice flour. The yummy taste adds a feather in the cap when all delicacies are served together. For more elaborated details one can check for; how to make arisapitha
  • Podapitha- Sometimes the dishes are desperately burnt to give an extra flavours to it. One such kind of sweet served during the Raja especially in Odisha is the podapetha which is a combination of rice and coconut where the cake is slightly burnt from the top.
  • Chitaupitha-The ChitauAmavasya, which is very famous in the eastern region, gets several delicacies served during this time. Another distinctive pitha made during this festival period is the chitaupitha where its unique flavours never fail to impress the visitors.
  • Malpuas- The filigreed pancakes which are very soft and melt in the mouth i.e. the malpuas are not only restricted to eastern parts of our country but its taste is very well known amongst all the Punjabis. Serving them hot right from the tava gives them more freshness and delicious taste.

The variety of pithas can be relished as fully filled breakfast, a mouth-watering snack item or even served as desserts after meals. Try them all to know their taste.