5 Ways to Make Healthy Living Fun for Children With Disabilities


Children with disabilities may feel left out a lot in life. This is especially true when the disability leaves them unable to move much. Many have a hard time getting out and playing with others. Healthy living is important for all children, and getting kids outside to run and play is often one option for making it fun. Those with mobility issues don’t have the same option, but there are still plenty of ways to make healthy living fun for them and improve how they feel about life overall.

Get Them Out and Moving in a Zinger Chair

Many wheelchairs and other mobility aides do not move well. Sure, they can drive forward and backward to move about as needed, but they are not quick and do not always have the ability to turn well. A Zinger chair is the better option for kids who can’t walk as it allows for faster and better turning. Set up some cones outside for a sort-of obstacle course that allows your child to have some fun. They can zip around them in their chair and laugh the entire way. Any time spent laughing or being outdoors is beneficial to a child’s health. It can also help to ease stress and promote wellness.

Get Them in the Kitchen

Have kids help cook healthy foods so they’re more likely to try them. Kids develop a positive connection to food and health when they’re the ones creating dishes and trying out their recipes.

Get Them a Sleep Monitor

Being healthy also entails getting enough sleep. If you have kids that struggle to go to bed at the right time, try getting them a sleep monitor device that will make it seem cool for them to rest at night. One type of monitor goes directly under the mattress and tracks heartbeat and even snoring. Kids will enjoy getting to see their results and try and get better sleep knowing they’re being monitored.

Get Them in the Water

Water provides a low impact workout that is easier to manage. Even those with a mobility disability or who remain in a wheelchair day in and day out can get into the water for some fun exercise. Some pools may offer a special device that allows people with limited mobility to sit inside and be lowered into the water. They can practice moving their arms and make an attempt to move to feel like everyone else. There are even wheelchair-friendly water parks available in some areas that will get kids out and enjoying life while maintaining their health.

Get Them to Enjoy Mental Stimulation

Keeping the mind healthy is just as important as physical wellness. Get your child into a class that they’ll enjoy where they get to learn new skills. Take them to a museum or art gallery. Find things that promote mental stimulation and keep the mind strong. Even something as simple as playing a thinking game together, such as a word game, will help tremendously.

All kids need to learn the importance of healthy living. Even while in a wheelchair, children can find ways to have fun while staying as healthy as possible. Parents need to do their part to teach health and wellness to their children so they develop a positive mindset about their health and have a desire to continue that lifestyle. Disabilities don’t have to stop kids from enjoying life in a healthy way.