2018’s top graphic design trends


Graphic design experiences trends, just like any other creative area, and 2018 is gearing up to be a very interesting year, with a sudden throwing off of the ubiquitous flat design, a return to some ‘retro’ approaches, and some fresh new features.

Responsive logos

Customers are used to responsive websites and now logos are becoming responsive in their own right, especially on smartphones. These provide new levels of animated micro interactions for viewers, enriching their experience and making the design more exciting.


Think magenta and pink or neon green and purple – exciting duotones are back and web development services in London and elsewhere will be using them for online and offline marketing campaigns.

Semi-flat design

Say goodbye to endless flat design! Designers have realised that shadows help the UX, by providing perception guides and depth. Look forward to subtle shadowing and semi-flat design next year.

80s-inspired pattern and colour palettes

The 80s and 90s will both be back and we’ll see lots of palettes and graphic designs that use the styles of the era, providing bright colours and retro appeal to product packaging, digital assets and marketing campaigns.

Bold type

This year will be about big type and the return of the serif. Expect to see typography taking centre stage and for subtlety to be replaced with bold fonts. Find out more at: https://www.redsnapper.net/web-development-services-london/corporate-website-build.


The trend for engaging, interactive websites and smartphone apps will continue, with GIFS and animations that flag up calls to action and enhance the user experience.

Authentic photography

Designers and users alike are tired of stock imagery and the use of authentic, custom photography will continue to grow, with hero images taking centre stage to provide visual appeal and instant brand recognition.

Detailed vintage

Running alongside the trend for minimalism, there will be highly detailed vintage artwork concepts for retro brands and consumer experiences, in particular. Expect to see restaurants, food products and fashion lines introducing highly detailed vintage artwork into their digital assets.

Custom illustration

Supporting the trend above, there will be a return to custom illustration and graphic art in a bid to customise each brand’s offering with more unique, visually interesting assets that provide an artistic edge. Expect to see websites that not only function beautifully, but look like pieces of art at the same time.